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Word from the dialect GUANE which means “SOL DE PLENO DIA (sunny day)”,


Family owned and administrated, the country house was designed to offer a complete rest that comes with “agroturism”. We kindly offer comfort and tourist guidance inside and outside the farm for local, national and international tourist, whom want the best place for a real and complete relaxation. To satisfied the most exigent taste we offer four dorms types to adjust to different life styles.

Zuansinca, with altitude of 3935 ft over the sea level and medium temperature about 70 to 75 ªF is located two and a half hours from Bucaramanga (the capital of Santander) and four miles south from Socorro city in the way to Bogotá. Our foods specialties are prepared with our own garden products which are carefully treated without agrotoxics, and they will be organic products in a near future.

Besides, people can practice wide range of sports like basketball, volleyball, “banquitas”, fishing and swimming. But the best are our traditional games like: trompo, cucunubá, rana, tejo, rumbador, canicas.

The visitors also, will enjoy tasting a native agriculture appropriated to the tropic, among them: coffee beans, cocoa beans, plantain, yucca, corn, beans, chonque, organic cotton lengupá, cane sugar, celery, bore, mango, citrics, and some other fruits; besides farm grown fish and free roaming hens. The garden was planted in area of a ¼ hectare has been deigned as a “LAND ART” with a “MANDALA” shape which means “Sol de Pleno Dia” (sun in a sunny day), and it is going to be the Zuansinca’s Logo.

Zuansinca has excellent green zones and many beautiful, exotic and divers flowers that will offer a very enjoyable walks around the farm, with the engineer William who will give you a wide explanation about the garden and its production.

To make all this more complete we can provide the connection with extreme sports like rafting in two rivers: Suares and Fonce, and speleology in caverns, rappel, ecological walks, climbing rock park (medium and advance level), horse ride, city tour thorough the ancient Socorro and visit to the Chicamocha`s national park and wonderful small surrounded villages with great natural views.  Off course ...!! “culona ants” hunting in April and May only.

For a better service, hostage and meals, we advise to make reservations with minimum of 8 days in advance; so we will keep a family environment; now that we only have room for twenty five people. Since we care very much about your health, everything is under strict sanitary conditions to guarantee your health protection.

Cellular Phones

    300 482 5940

Visit us and we will have the pleasure to serve you!!

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